If you have not yet built a Flying Crank Ghost, then I strongly recommend you check out the numerous plans available and build one (or two) for next Halloween. THIS IS THE BEST PROP EVER!!!

Instead of going through detailed instructions on my page, CLICK HERE to go to Phantasmechanics website. They have an incredibly detailed and informative site on the complete construction of this prop.

Phantasmechanics recommends using a Dayton brand 6 rpm motor, which is a fairly expensive model. However, after trying 5 other types of motors, I found none were reliable enough to operate this ghost for long periods of time. My advice is to go with the Dayton. It's worth it!

I used cheesecloth to drape my armature, and washed it with Tide detergent. This enhanced the effect under black lights, and gave it the eerie, ethereal glow of a real ghost.

I chose green LED's to mount in the ghost's eyes. I bought a package of the light-up pumpkin eyes from Walmart, then cut the wires and attached the LED's, using the battery pack to power them.

This prop was mounted in the front room window of my house, and it literally stopped traffic that was driving by, so they could get a better look!