This was a fun setup that creeped out quite a few people. Most of the younger T.O.T.'s couldn't figure it out, and were very impressed. Nothing like a few good compliments to make my day!

First, I purchased an old mirror with a funky looking frame from a local garage sale. After removing the glass mirror, I got Industrial Plastics and Paints to cut a piece of acrylic to match the size.

Next, I got a local window tinting outfit to put reflective mirror tint on it, and created a cheap 2 way mirror. I replaced the mirror into the frame and mounted it onto my Stone Wall Project.

My sister sat on the other side of the mirror with a light under her face, and when the T.O.T.'s approached the mirror, the image of her face would eerily appear and speak to them.

I had a wide 3" tube mounted through my Stone Wall, with a Ghoul mask attached to the end. In order for the kids to get their candy, they had to hold their bags under the ghoul's mouth, and my sister would drop candy into the tube from the opposite side of the wall. All the kids loved to see the Ghouls "puking" out the candy!