The stone wall was made to allow my Haunted Mirror effect to work. I mounted the Stone Wall to the back wall of the garage, covering the doorway into the house. A hole was cut through the styrofoam, behind the mirror, where my sister sat to disperse the candy.

I built this wall starting with two 4' x 8' sheets of 2" styrofoam. I cut out several stone "shapes" out of corrugated plastic, then mounted them onto the styrofoam with small nails. Using a metallic spray

paint that contained solvents, I sprayed the exposed styrofoam around each of the stone templates. Immediately, the paint began to eat at the styrofoam, creating a realistic mortar effect.

It was necessary to "leapfrog" the plastic stone templates, moving them around the sheet. I then coated the styrofoam with watered down white glue, which dried to give a hardened, protective finish. I find that people like to poke at props, so this helped to prevent damage!

I painted the "mortar" using a paintbrush with latex paint, then used a roller to cover the stones on the rest of the wall. The effect was better than I thought it would be. Next year, I plan to cover the walls of my entire garage with this effect!