This project started with a large cardboard bin box, painted grey. The top "slab" was a large 1 1/2 " sheet
of styrofoam, painted grey then speckled to look like granite. A stone figure was added on top.

The stone lady was made by cutting a styrofoam wig form in half, and attaching a cheap wig from Walmart soaked in Plaster of Paris. The body was a plastic body form from a local display supply store.

The hands were Walmart props, painted grey (both were left hands, but I doubt anyone noticed). The plastic body piece was covered in an old night gown soaked in Plaster of Paris, and while it was still wet, I added the arms

into the sleeves and positioned her in a resftul repose. When it hardened about an hour later, I spray painted it grey and laid it atop the crypt. Plastic skull masks were painted grey and fitted

with lighted eyes. They were attached on the front of the crypt, on either side of the styrofoam "plaque". On both ends of the crypt I attached styrofoam crosses for an added touch.

Here is the finished product, with rats , burning candles, and my fog chiller running to complete the ambience. A CD player inside the crypt repeatedly played a womans voice calling for help and begging to be let out.