I got this idea when I saw a latex alien at Bazaar & Novelty in Vancouver. The capsule started off looking like a small bed, with 2 headboards, cut out of 1/8th plywood, and using 2x2 for the frame.

I then screwed four 10" pieces of 2x2 onto each end, and attached 2 more "headboard" shaped pieces to the 2x2's. My friend gave me 2 warehouse light covers that I fitted into each end.

Attached to the inside of each end of the capsule was a standard light socket, to hold a special coloured strobing lightbulb. This is to give the effect of "warning" lights around the containment unit.

Small strips of wood were screwed onto the outside edges of the "bed", which would hold the acrylic cover in place and prevent it from slipping .

I bought the acrylic sheet from Industrial Plastics and Paints. It gives the illusion of a glass cover, and when I sprayed the inside edges with a window ice spray (Christmas supply) it looked like the alien was frozen!