I was trying to figure out how to activate my pneumatic props, and considered using infrared sensors. While visiting Home Depot, I found this remote control power unit by Noma, usually used to turn on lamps, etc. in your home. One button on the remote turns the power on, the other turns it off. The other piece plugs into any wall outlet.

I picked up this solenoid from a local surplus store, and wired it to an extension cord, which plugged into the Noma wall plug. It will allow the operation of up to 4 props, or more if I were to connect manifolds to it. I used fuel lines to run from the solenoid to each air cylinder, as it fit perfectly into the ferrels.

This setup allowed me to trigger the props with the push of a button. It was fun to watch people trying to set them off, thinking it was a motion sensor. Then, when they finally gave up, I would trigger it again. Simple pleasures for a simple mind, as my wife says!