I used to use an old, rickety white picket fence for my graveyard, but then I found some plans for a fantastic, wrought-iron looking setup. It turned out so good, I had at least a dozen people tell me they thought it was really made of iron.

I strayed a bit from Bob's design, and instead of having a straight fence top, I cut my pipe so each section went from 4' on the outsides, dropping 3" on each pipe to just 3 feet in the middle.

Also, I used only 9 pipes per section. I couldn't find the little "locket" skulls anywhere, so I used the plastic skulls off the light sets from Walmart. I drilled the bottoms ot the skulls using a 7/8" bore then hot glued them on the tips of each pipe.

To complete it, each section was spray painted a flat black, then for the ultimate finish, I gave it a final coat using Hammer Finish spray paint from Home Depot. Expensive stuff, but it gives it a textured finish that looks like real wrought iron!