Welcome foolish mortals, to Halloweenie's spooky projects pages! I am a true Halloweenie, being born on October 30th - naturally, my passion is all things eerie. Growing up as a kid was

great around Halloween...one day I was getting birthday presents, and the next day I was dressing up in costume loading up with candy!

There was only one thing wrong with the season back then - nobody made any attempt to scare the daylights out of us kids! How I longed for someone with imagination to create a haunted house or graveyard. Now that I am all grown up (well, not according to my wife) I am able to give the people of our neighbourhood the fright of their lives!

The pages ahead will take you through some of the great Halloween projects I have created over the years. Wherever possible, I have included pictures of each project in the building stages. Thanks for visiting, and I wish you Happy Haunting!